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Music Composition

Music Composition Lessons in Henderson, NV

Renaissance Music Academy provides extraordinary classical music composition classes in Henderson, Nevada near Las Vegas. Music students being learning fundamentals, the grammar of music. Any music student that is serious about learning composition, learning the language is key because you need to be able to read music notation. Musical composition is the process of making or forming a piece of music by combining the parts, or elements of music.  Our music composition classes introduces students to learning how to read, write, and think in music notation, which is also part of the fundamentals are the basics of music theory. Our music composition courses aim to offer a creative space even within the restrictions of stylistic emulation. Our job as composers is not to create masterpieces, but instead, piece together a master.  Great composers use tried and true techniques, formulas, schemes, and models.

Music Composition Lessons in Henderson

Our music school in Henderson, Nevada offers music composition classes that develop potential & musical abilities for students, therefore maximizing their talents.  As a rule of thumb, musical composers are generally not creating something out of nothing when they write a new music piece. Instead, its a combination of various parts and elements. Music composers create out of past experience – their understanding of music theory, what they’ve studied, the type of music they’ve listened to, and what they would like to hear themselves.