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Music School For Autistic Children

Renaissance Music Academy 11221 S Eastern Ave # 210, Henderson, NV 89052 (702) 270-8777

Music School For Autistic Children in Henderson, NV

Renaissance Music Academy is a prestigious music school for autistic children in Henderson, NV. Our music school offers comprehensive music lessons in pianoviolin, cello, vocalguitarmusic theory, music harmony, and music composition in Nevada. Located near Las Vegas, NV. We are known for offering the best music lessons for Autistic kids in Henderson, NV.

Our Music School For Autistic Children is Located Near Las Vegas, NV

Although private music lessons for autistic children is a specialty of ours, we also specialize in teaching music to adults & children of all ages & skill levels. All of our music instructors are experienced professional musicians with formal conservatory training. Our music school has proudly helped many children suffering from autism strengthen their motor skills, posture, coordination, ability to follow instruction, and social skills. 

What is a Great Instrument For An Autistic Child To Start With?

For some children, early piano studies have shown to eliminate the problems caused by an absence of fine motor skill development, which can impede upon the progress of learning music and their academic education. For instance our piano program have provided immediate results. Our students are able to play new songs and melodies each day and apply what they have learned to other forms of music.

Renaissance Music Academy in Henderson, NV

The encompassing goal of our Music School in Henderson, NV is to develop a well-rounded musician. The ultimate goal of our music program is not only to provide musical education, but transform the student into a complete performer, be it a solo sonata or with an ensemble/orchestra.

Best Music School For Autistic Children in Nevada

Renaissance Music Academy is know to be the best music school for autistic children in Nevada. In addition to specializing in autistic kids, all the music lessons we provide are personalized and tailored for adults & children of all ages & skill levels. All of our private lessons & classes are taught by highly qualified professional musicians with formal conservatory training. In addition, our musicians are passionate and dedicated to providing the absolute best in musical education.

Students & parents have become true believers in the our music school, where piano, violin, cello, guitar, voice and Music Theory are our specialties. Students take from one to four private one-hour lessons a week. Along with a mandatory one-hour weekly group class of music theory. An ensemble class with students playing different instruments together is offered on Saturdays.

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