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Ukulele Lessons in Henderson, NV

Renaissance Music Academy 11221 S Eastern Ave #210, Henderson, NV 89052 (702) 270-8777

Ukulele Lessons in Henderson, Nevada

Renaissance Music Academy offers Pivate Ukulele Lessons in Henderson, NV near Las Vegas, NV. In addition to Ukulele, our music school offers music lessons for various other types of musical instruments as well.

Some of the other musical lessons offered by our music school near Las Vegas, Nevada include pianoviolin, cello, vocalguitarmusic theorymusic harmony, music composition and more. Our musical instructors are known for offering the best music lessons for kids in Henderson, Las Vegas, NV.

Quality & Affordable Ukulele Lessons in Henderson, NV

Contact us to get quality Ukulele lessons in Henderson, NV at Renaissance Music Academy now today!

The missionl of our Music School in Henderson, NV is to develop a well-rounded musician. Therefore, our music program is not only to provide musical education, but transform the student into a complete performer. Whether it be a solo sonata or with an ensemble/orchestra.

Private Ukulele Lessons Available For Kids & Adults Of All Ages

A mission of our music school is to provide musical education and the highest quality private Ukulele lessons in Henderson, NV. We specialize in teaching music to children & adults of all ages. Our music school even has experiece with teaching music lessons to autistic children.

Musical education is beneficial for development of the human brain in various ways. Private Ukulele Lessons at Renaissance Music Academy are all experienced professional musicians with formal conservatory training.  Music lessons can even be beneficial for children with autism. As a result of our passion for teaching, we have proudly helped many children suffering from autism strengthen their motor skills, posture, coordination, ability to follow instruction, and social skills. 

Ukulele Lessons Near Las Vegas, Nevada!

Renaissance Music Academy offers the highest quality Ukulele Lessons near Las Vegas, NV by a highly experienced Ukulele instructor.

Private Ukulele Lessons

Highy Experienced Ukulele Instructors In Henderson, NV

Renaissance Music Academy has one of the most experienced Ukulele Instructor in Henderson, NV.  Your child deserves the best private ukulele lessons for kids near Las Vegas, NV so contact us now to enroll!

Our music lessons for kids are taught by highly qualified professional musicians with formal conservatory training. In addition, our musicians are passionate and dedicated to providing the absolute best in musical education.

Renaissance Music Academy Offers Ukulele Lessons For An Affordable Price!

Get some of the most amazingly low prices for all types of music lessons for kids in Henderson, NV now!

Get directions or contact us for more information at Renaissance Music Academy 11221 S Eastern Ave #210, Henderson, NV 89052 (702) 270-8777 or visit our YouTube channel to see videos of our stendents playing instruments!