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Videos of Our Students & Instructors

Mattie - "Etude” by F. Chopin

Emma - “Prelude in C# Minor” by S. Rachmaninov

Devan- “Flight of the Bumblebee” by Rimsky-Korsakoff

Jina and Nicole's performance with Valeri Glava

Brayden - “Nocturne in F Minor” by F. Chopin

Jonathan - "Berceuse in D fat Major” by F. Chopin

Jina - "La Campanella" by F. Liszt

Samantha's Piano Practice

Savanna's Beethoven Practice

Jang Choe

Jang - Mozart Sonata F Maj 3rd

Jina: Bach Prelude D Minor

Jina & Nicole

Event Videos


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Lilith From Renaissance Music Academy Helps Children Find Their Passion

Miss Lilith always tells us that we’re capable of playing music we love if we believe in ourselves,” said Jina, now 12, as she waited for a music lesson at the Renaissance Music Academy in Henderson, NV. “It took me a year of practice and Miss Lilith showing me how to play note by note, but I got it and now I make my father feel better.”

Parents have become true believers in the school, where piano, violin, cello, ukulele, guitar, and voice students take from one to four private one-hour lessons a week, along with a mandatory one-hour weekly group class of music theory. An ensemble class, with students playing together on different instruments, is offered on Saturday. One of the school’s piano teachers, Narine Petrosyan, composes original pieces for the ensembles.

See full article at here.