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Renaissance Music Academy

The Most Prestigious Music School in Nevada

Renaissance Music Academy

The Most Prestigious Music School in Nevada

What is Renaissance Music Academy?

Renaissance Music Academy is a prestigious music school in Henderson, Nevada, just outside Las Vegas, Nevada. We are known for offering the most comprehensive lessons for piano, violin, cello, voice, guitar, music theory, music harmony, and music composition in the state. Our instructors are professional musicians with formal conservatory training, each personally vetted by our founder, Ms. Lilith Tonopetian. 

Our philosophy of music education is that cultivating an environment where the arts are respected and enjoyed encourages students’ minds to bloom. In turn, their abilities, and confidence in the aforementioned, flourish.

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Our Music Lessons


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Our instructors at Renaissance Music Academy are invested in your personal growth as a musician. We welcome students of all ages and abilities– all we require is your commitment, an eagerness to learn, and a passion for music.

The Renaissance Music Academy Difference

Our teaching methodology blends private instruction with group lectures. The curriculum for private instruction is tailored to each student’s level and interests, and students are placed in level-appropriate group lectures for music theory, harmony, and composition. We offer longer lessons, unlimited practice time, and more frequent instruction than the nationwide standard, simply because we see magnificent results from students being as immersed as possible.