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Music Harmony

Music Harmony Classes in Henderson, NV

Renaissance Music Academy provides extraordinary classical music harmony classes in Henderson, Nevada near Las Vegas. Our music harmony classes are generally more advanced for the normal music student. The music harmony lessons we offer is designed as a stepping or familiarity lesson on harmony definitions and resolutions and modulations. Lessons covered in our music harmony courses cover areas such as Harmony, Resolution, and Modulation. Our music harmony lessons aim to provide music students with the basic foundation for venturing deeper into this part of music theory covering harmony terminology and relationship, resolution, and modulation.

Rated Best Harmony Lessons in Henderson

Our music school in Henderson, Nevada offers harmony lessons that develop potential & musical abilities for students, therefore maximizing their talents. Harmony deals with pitches sounded simultaneously. In other words, harmony is the simultaneously sounding of three or more notes making up what are called chords or the relationship between pitches that are heard at the same time.  When we look at music we can think about it in two different ways. We can look at it from top to bottom – this is the harmony. Students will cover concepts such as major and minor triads. Our harmony courses cover concordant sounds, which are pleasant.