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Music School Near Las Vegas, NV

Renaissance Music Academy is a music school near Las Vegas, NV located in Henderson, NV. Our music instructors are known for offering some of the best music lessons in Nevada.

Our music school near Las Vegas, NV offers music lessons for a large variety of instruments. Specialties of our classical music academy include comprehensive music classes and private music lessons in piano, violin, cello, vocal/voice, guitarmusic theory, harmony, music composition & more!

Piano is an Excellent Instrument To Start With

Piano studies can be beneficial for children in many ways. One benefit would be that Piano lessons can aid with the progress of learning music. Our piano program creates immediate results. As a result of Piano being more easily understood by most people, many of our students are capable of playing new songs and melodies each day.

Therefore, they can apply what they have learned to other forms of music. Through learning various instruments such as piano, violincello, and, guitar,  students develop a greater knowledge of the overall structure of music theory

Our Music School Near Las Vegas, NV Helps Students Reach Their Goals!

A great goal for anyone hoping to become a long term musician would be to become well-rounded with more than just the fundamentals of individual technique and knowledge but rather a as a complete group performer. Whether it be it a solo sonata or with an ensemble/orchestra

Best Quality Music School Near Near Las Vegas, NV

Parents have become true believers in Renaissance Music Academy. Students of our music school near Las Vegas, NV take from one to four private one-hour music lessons a week, along with a mandatory one-hour weekly group class of music theory in Henderson, NV. An ensemble class, with students playing together on different instruments, is offered on Saturdays. 

Our music school is proud to provide the best quality music lessons near Las Vegas, Nevada in Henderson, NV! Our private music lessons are personalized and tailored for all musical levels. All music classes and private music lessons are taught by highly qualified professional musicians with formal conservatory training. Our highly trained professionals are passionate and dedicated to providing the absolute best in musical education.